Warehouse & Distribution

HACACA Logistics with DB Schenker are working together to provide the integrated service of logistics and distributions. We handle every step of your logistics process starting from customs clearance, trucking, storage, inventory control, stock keeping to safely delivering your products.

The warehouse capacity is 15.000 sqm eqivallent to 14.000 pallet positions and 6 multi functioned rooms to stores various products. Warehouse has advanced feature of Fire Emergency System (Hydrant, Sprinkler, Smoke & Fire detector), CCTV, security system, anti-theft alarm system, temperature monitoring control, fire walled compartments for chemicals, cold storage, shelvings for spareparts & other light duty materials.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) with latest technology applied by HACACA Logistics warehouse is designed to operate accordingly to suits each customers customization needs. Such as: FIFO, LIFO, process as well as to fasten the process from reporting to expired dates’ recognition and batch number, Transportation documents supports. Reports for customer can be customized accordingly to match customers requirement.

Warehousing Service

  • Supervising and Inventory Management
  • Organizing Queue, Inbound and Outbound
  • Barcoding, Repackaging, Labeling, and Quality Monitoring
  • Cross-docking
  • Static and Dynamic Addition
  • Added Value service and Kitting
  • Cold storage
  • Spare parts storage
  • Refreshments and warehouse efficiency program
  • Preserving sensitive products that needs special service

Distribution Service

  • Fulfilling Order, Selecting and Packaging with Order, SKU, and more
  • Retail Store Distribution
  • Fulfillment and addition programs
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Handling, Fixing, and Special Kitting
  • Pool

    Jln. Marunda Makmur 3
    Segara Makmur, Tarumajaya,
    Bekasi - 17211

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  • Ocean Custom Clereance, Removal and Fair

    Hacaca Bussines Park
    Jln. Marunda Makmur, Tarumajaya
    Bekasi - 17211

    • +6221 2288-9033
    • +6221 2288-9029
  • Air Custom Clereance

    Aero Bizhub C-28 Jl. Halim Perdana Kusuma No.39, Pajang, Benda, Kota Tangerang Banten 15126

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